Trying to connect with the world a few words at a time

Love & Death

Wounded, shattered, broken

Left for dead out in the open

The air stolen out of my lungs

The last time we kissed

Left here gasping

Grasping onto dissipating hope

The light fades into darkness

As you walk away

Pleading, begging, wishing

For one more kiss, one more touch

Even just a look into your wheat colored eyes

Eyes that could see right through my flaws

See through my walls

And love the parts of me I didn't know existed

To have a single word you utter

Reach my ears

The soothing sound of your voice

That I shall hear no more

As the life flees from my body

I want you to know

I love you more than I could ever say

Getting to see you every day

Made me thankful every morning I awoke

If you're truly gone

I pray in the morning

I shall not wake