Trying to connect with the world a few words at a time


You never know when inspiration will strike

There you were dancing on the rooftop

Lit cigarette in hand

This pen is my paintbrush

I try to paint you with words

I try to capture your essence

But I fail

Searching my arsenal of words to no avail

Hair flowing like wheat in the wind

Eyes like burning ember

With each motion of the pen

My inability to illustrate became more apparent

Spent so much time trying to find the words

To get you across to you

Searching for eloquence

But there's so much elegance in simplicity

Take a seat behind my eyes

Take a peak, catch a glimpse

And see that you are a masterpiece

Words could never capture the beauty from your skin to your soul

Hasn't been that long since we met

But you've taken my heart yet I still feel whole