Trying to connect with the world a few words at a time


She lies there on her bed

Eyes red from all tears shes cried

She lies there wondering how she has survived this long

Survived living this little lie

I see through the pain she tries to hide

The glow in her eyes gone

Radiance in her beauty dimmed by the sadness in her life

She sits there alone staring at the knife

Wanting to end this charade

To show the world all the pain she hides away

Putting on this show day by day

Everyday getting slower then last

She lies there in her room

Losing her mind

Her tears flowing forth endlessly

Her pains rising tremendously

She cries upon deaf ears

I hear her cries

Want to reach over and rip off her mask

Want to show the world the pain she really feels

Want all her wounds to heal

She dries her eyes

And puts on her intoxicating smile

She fools her surrounding with this cryptic happiness

Words that seem to bounce off her, sink in and refuse to leave

Can't express her true feelings

I see through what she tries to hide

See through all that she denies

Lies there staring at the ceiling wishing to break through it

Want to reach out my hand and take away from the hell her life has succumb to

Want to take her far far away from her pains

Away from her worries

Away from her sorrow

Want to wake up and tell her shes just been living in a dream

Tell her that what she thought was reality

Was just talk of profanity

She lies there in her room

On the edge of insanity

On the edge of breaking down and showing what she truly feels

I see through all of her lies

See through this act she puts on

See through that feigned happiness

She lies there in her room

And she cries