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The Danciest Duck

In the quiet town of Lake Chappadungo lived Damon Duckley. Damon was in gym class, playing dodgeball with the other ducks. Damon had made it to the end, he was the last one on his team. There were two left from the opposing team. Damon was determined to win, the two on the other team simultaneously threw their balls at him. Something rushed through him, his feet began to move, almost as though out of his control. He twirled and moved and caught both of the speeding blurs with such grace, and before he was done twirling he threw the balls back at the opposing team hitting them and winning the game. Damon was cheered and carried out of the gym. He went home and wondered what has gotten into his legs, so he began to research his symptoms online. It turned out he had been infected with a big, a very unique bug. The tap dancing bug. Damon wanted to pursue this further but had no tap dancing shoes. He went to the store to find tap dancing shoes but sadly no stores carried duck foot shaped tap dancing shoes. So Damon went to a fabric store and Home Depot to buy materials to make his own. He slaved over these shoes and eventually succeeded in making duck foot shaped tap dancing shoes. Damon was at school when he saw a sign for the local TV stations show 'Lake Chappadungo's Danciest Duck'. This was his chance to debut his tap dancing skills. He went home and practiced, day and night. The night of his performance came, his name was called. 'Next we have Damon Duckley!'. Damon walked out wearing a leather jacket, black jeans, sunglasses and his duck foot shaped custom made tap dancing shoes. The music started playing, his feet started moving, the click clacking of his shoes added to the rhythm of the music. The entire crowd on their feet, cheering and clapping. Before the last note, he twirled and stopped with his wing in the air, as he faced to the judges. The judges stared in awe of his epic tap dancing skills. Everyone gave him two wings up, making him Lake Chappadungo's Danciest Duck.